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Join us on Sundays

  • Sunday School classes for all ages: 9:30 am
  • Praise and Worship: 10:40 am
  • Programmed Service: 11 am

What to Expect

Worship at Martin Luther King Church grows out of our desire to express our love for God, and we recognize that worship can take many forms. We begin each Sunday morning with praise and worship and testimonies. Gathered friends share as they would like stories of hope from the previous week at 10:40.

At 11 am, our formal program takes place from the pulpit. Our services are lead by our pastor as well as a deacon worship leader.

During the service there is time for reading, singing, praying, giving offering, greeting one another in peace as well as listening to a sermon from God’s word. We include children in our worship through a special children’s time just for them as well as often children’s church during the second half of the service.

We serve communion once a month on the first Sunday. Every week after the sermon, we give members an opportunity to respond to God’s leading in their life through the making a public confession of faith and/or receiving prayer from one of our deacons or ministers.

We invite people to come to worship as themselves, not just in spirit but in body. So some people will wear more traditional church attire, some will wear jeans or more casual attire. We know God sees our hearts, not our clothing.

Nearly every week, we record the sermons at Martin Luther King Church in DVD form to help us connect and reflect. If you would like a copy of a service, please contact Trustee Rodney Scott.