Statement of Mission

MLKThe Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church is a fellowship of Christians who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This fellowship is responding to Christ’s call to faith in God, our Father, and life in the Holy Spirit. These men, women and children share their experiences, hope and strength, through worship, prayer and other activities in pursuit of the following objectives:

To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.

To be a caring community of persons seeking to live under the lordship and teachings of Jesus Christ as exemplified by the life of Martin Luther King.

To exemplify Christian living through caring for the poor, visiting the sick and imprisoned, feeding the hungry, and to do other actions that Christ set forth in Matthew 25:35-36.

To be a nurturing source for our children, both in their spiritual growth and their education and preparation for useful lives.

To act responsibly with other churches, agencies and individuals to meet human needs and alleviate social ills.