Get Involved With Us

members of MLKAt Martin Luther King Church, we believe that we grow in our faith by how we contribute to and learn from the community.

We believe that every member is a minister and has a gift to bring to our churches. Consider getting involved in one of these programs.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our ministries.

If you are interested in learning more about getting involved in the church, feel free to contact our Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jean Robinson-Casey.

Christian Education

The ministry is charged with enabling the members of the congregation to hear, experience, and put into practice the teachings of Jesus. These programs also help to empower and equip people for the work of ministry and for service to the larger faith.  Offers programs and events that educate and nurture members as they grow in faith and knowledge of the Word of God.  Such programs are: Sunday School; Vacation Bible School; Vacation Bible School; Tutoring; Scholarship programs; New Member Orientation; MLK Risk Mitigation Policy & Procedure; Leadership Development; and other educational events community.


The Ministry is also a subscriber of the AWANA program.  The purpose of this program is to aid the Children Education Ministry and the Sunday School in bringing the glorious news of the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ.  AWANA is a non-denominational Christian Youth Ministry Program, which helps churches worldwide to raise children and youth to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. The acronym AWANA is taken from 2 Timothy 2:15, “Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed”.

Publicity & Publication

The Publicity and Publications Ministry serves for two purposes: to increase awareness of Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church within the local community, and to promote a sense of inclusion among church members by increasing their knowledge of one another’s lives and of the church’s activities and functioning.   It is the primary marketing, public relations, and publishing unit of the church.

Evangelism Ministry

Promote and spread the Word of God to those who are not saved and to the fallen saints. Provide training workshops and seminars throughout the year for members.

Youth Ministry

Offer programs and events that teach, nurture and provide spiritual and personal growth opportunities for church members and children. Plans and coordinates activities that promote a sense of family among the youth’s of the church and community.

Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry is a graded program, which plans and coordinates activities designed to enrich the social, cultural and spiritual development of children ages 3 through 12.

Teen Ministry

The Teen Ministry serves to offer programs and events that enable our youth to make responsible decisions on their faith journey.  The ministry plans and coordinates activities designed to enrich the social, cultural and spiritual development of children ages 13 through 18.

Justice Ministry

The CJM endeavors to associate with like-minded church ministries who share our vision for Christian Justice and provide opportunities to discuss and offer solutions for criminal justice issues that affect us all.

Community Liaison

The Community Liaison position serves to ensure that the church is involved in the geographical community that it serves and to promote a positive image for the church within that community.

Stewardship Ministry

The Stewardship Ministry serves to lead the congregation in developing more fully into what God wants each individual, and the church body, to become in relation to the stewardship of time, talent and treasury and overall spiritual life.

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry exists to develop relationships with other Young Adult ministries within the community for bible studies and other church related gatherings.  They also plan social functions and occasionally collaborate with the teen and youth ministries for social, cultural and mentoring opportunities.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry serves to provide occasions for the women of the congregation to engage in fellowship and Christian growth opportunities with one another and with women from other churches, the community, and other organizations.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry serves to provide occasions for the men of the congregation to engage in fellowship and Christian growth opportunities with one another and with men from other churches, the community, and other organizations.

Ushers Ministry

This ministry is to serve our Savior as doorkeeper in God’s Church.  To greet all visitors and church family members, with a welcoming smile, and showing them they are, “Welcome in the House of the Lord”

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry as led by the Minister of Music, serves to oversee and lead the ministry in providing appropriate music that delivers a spiritual message to the congregation.  The Minister of Music teaches and leads all musical activities of the church, building a repertoire of music for the church, adding new music to the existing repertoire and prepares the church’s choir(s) for performances at Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church and at other churches or locations, as requested by the Pastor.

Fellowship Ministry

The Fellowship Ministry serves to coordinate all Church activities that bring the congregation together to fellowship with one another, the community, or other organizations. The ministry assists the Pastor and Deacons in integrating new members into the life and ministry of the church.