Church Leadership

Leaders and their roles and functions

Deacons: Willie Bush, Chair The Deacons are the custodians of the spiritual life of the church and serve as a support system for the Pastor and the Congregation.
Trustees: Larry Miller, Chair Serves as the legal entity that represents the church in all legal and financial matters and is entrusted with the protection of church resources.
Treasurer: Nancy Bush Responsible to ensure that financial activities and transactions are consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAP) and applicable accepted accounting and book keeping procedures and regulations. Makes sure that all funds of the church are handled efficiently, accurately, legally, safely and in a Christian manner
Executive Council: Roger Lewis, Chair Executes and coordinates the work of the church and integrates and oversees the work of all ministries.
ModeratorRoger Lewis, Moderator& Donna Thomas, Co-Moderator Serves to ensure efficiency and fairness in meetings and other administrative gatherings in the church.  Convenes and presides at all business congregation meetings and Executive Council meetings.   Ex-officio member of all committees. Makes sure that all ministries are fulfilling their purpose.
Church Clerk: Joyce SmithAssistant Jacquelin Davis Maintains church records and records of meeting proceedings, disseminate minutes promptly to the congregation. Announces information to the congregation during Sunday worship.
Corresponding Secretary: Angela Skinner Makes sure that correspondence issued by the Pastor and other office holders of the church is of high quality.
Administrative Coordinator: Rodney Scott Makes sure all activities of the church occur in an efficient and organized manner. Provides logistical coordination of all activities planned.  Maintains the calendar of events.
Stewardship Ministry: Mae Taylor Leads the congregation in developing fully into what God wants each individual to become.  Develops and implements programs to educate the congregation on Stewardship, time, talent and treasure.
Mission & Outreach: Willie Bush Aids members of the congregation and other persons who are in need of direct financial aid or of material assistance that can be achieved through financial means (for example, housing, food or education).  These recipients may reside in the local area, the nation, and/or other nations.
Music Ministry:  Stephanie Blackshear Oversees and leads the ministry in providing appropriate music that delivers a spiritual message to the congregation.  The Minister of Music teaches and leads all musical activities of the church, building a repertoire of music for the church, adding new music to the existing repertoire and prepares the church’s choir(s) for performances at Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church and at other churches or locations, as requested by the Pastor.