Revive Us Again

Revive Us Again

MLK’s Annual Revival

March 25 – 27, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

In periods of social dysfunction brought on by a chaotic culture, we need transformation.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Christian Church is prepared to encourage such a spiritual revival through the preached word and song. Please join us for our annual revival on Wednesday March 25th, Thursday March 26th, and Friday March 27th at 7:30 PM.
We have three dynamic, powerful men of God who are prepared to help all in attendance receive a revival of spirit.

Reverend Marlow Mitchell

Reverend Marlow Mitchell Pastor, Rising Sun Baptist Church

Reverend Jacob Phillips

Reverend Jacob Phillips Pastor, White Oak Run Baptist Church

Reverend Aaron Anderson

Reverend Aaron Anderson Pastor, New Vision Kingdom of God Ministries

We will also be blessed by beautiful, melodious musical renditions from:
The Imani Ensemble of Baltimore, MD
Mrs. Janette Smith of Culpepper, VA
The Male Chorus of New Kingdom of God Ministries of Fredericksburg, VA

This invitation is open for ALL those searching for revival from God, who is our only hope.

Prayers for the Building Program

Let us keep our building program  and it’s leader Mel DeGree in prayer. The committee is working very hard on plans to move across the parking lot. Hats off to Mel for the excellent job he is doing in leading the program.

Your prayers are most important as the committee continues with the basics of planning a structure that will allow King Church to better serve our community and congregation.