Who Are We?

We believe that everyone is welcome. We believe that everyone deserves to be loved and know that Jesus loves them. We believe that no matter what you’ve done in your life that there is forgiveness and grace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

For these reasons, our church is made up of those who are older, those who are young and those who are middle aged. Our congregation is made up of many different colors of skin, though our particular community was founded as a place to pass down the historical traditions of the African-American history for all generations to come. So, you’ll find us particularly involved with our youth. Whether it be through weekly Bible classes or our AWANA program, we want our children to grow up healthy in mind, confident, and filled with a spirit that will allow them to thrive for a lifetime. The connection with the MLK Foundation is completed.

Our pastor feels particularly called to the ministry of reconciliation and diversity — embodying in her life and her ministry that all people are welcome at God’s table. Together, each week, we seek to live out this radical message of Jesus: that yellow, black, brown and white all of us are precious in God’s sight!